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About me

About me


I´m Evelyn, living in Germany, 44 years old, mother of 3 kids (21, 16, 10), married for 21 years and self employed for ~ 23 years in chinese martial arts business (Kung Fu). I discovered my interest in Bollywood/Hindi movies in October 2005 after watching "Kal Ho Naa Ho" with Shah Rukh Khan on TV. First my main interest was about the actor SRK. But later, after I got to know more about him because of reading a lot of interviews, listening to his interviews, watching all his movies in a very short time I even admire now Mr. Shah Rukh Khan for the versatile and amazing personality he is. My interest in him as actor and great human being and his various work/projects grew and so I got even interest in other persons he worked with. During the last 1 1/2 year it seemed that I discovered myself too by getting more and more interest in Bollywood/Hindi cinema and working/supporting it in various for me possible ways. Though Shah Rukh Khan will always be my favourite actor and personality I´m not one-sided by viewing only "his" movies.

The last year I was working as a Moderator in a big SRK-forum, taking part as a little extra in the movie "Aap Ka Suroor" (the first big Bollywood production, which was mainly shooted in Germany) and writing/translating article about GIFA 2007 and the Chak De shooting (from the view of an extra) for a German Bollywood magazine. Beside this I translated various articles from English to German for the forum, later from German into English about Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan, which were published in 12 German magazines at that time. Besides this I made a little fanclip with a short fighting sketch for Mr. Khan too. This are the most important things I did about Bollywood last year beside some smaller things till now. I´m honest because of him I did many things for the first time even in my age, but I enjoyed every single moment of doing it.

In the September issue 2007 of the German "Indien-Magazin" was an article/interview with Anupama Chopra, written by me.

In October 2007 I was attending the press conference from Mr. Sonu Niigaam (famous Indian singer) who made a concert tour in Germany. Article "Simply Sonu - Simply amazing" written by me here: www.theinder.net

November 8, 2007 I was attending the photocall, press conference and Red Carpet from Om Shanti Om (Farah Khan´s and Sharukh Khan´s big blockbuster) at Empire Leicester Square Cinema.


my projects - translated articles

The articles about Global Indian Film Awards and Chak De were original written in english because of my idea and request to members in the ex-forum I worked as moderator and were translated in German by me. My name is mention in the impressum of the magazine as freelance writer (not on the article)

Both articles were published in the German magazine "Indien Magazin" - Jan/Febr. 01/2007  

my projects - own articles in print magazines

Anupama Chopra and her current book:

King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and The seductive world of Indian Cinema

article and interview in German:

published in "Indien-Magazin" - 05/2007 - Sept./Oct.issue
(the 1 year magazine anniversary)  

my projects - own articles in online portals

Simply Sonu - Simply Sonu - article about Sonu Niigam´s concert tour in Germany, Nov. 2007 - just click on "Sonumania over Germany"


Sonu Niigaam

I met Sonu Niigaam during the press conference of his concert tour in Germany, Oct.2007  

Himesh Reshammiya

I met one of India´s most popular singer and now actor Himesh Reshammiya during the shooting of his movie "Aap Ka Surroor" - April 14, 2007 in Cologne/Germany.  

Ganesh Achariya

Star-choreographer Ganesh Achariya and me during the shooting of "Aap Ka Suroor" in Cologne/Germany, April 14, 2007  

Shravan Chhabria

I met actor Shravan Chhabria during the shooting of "Aap Ka Surroor" - April 14, 2007 in Cologne/Germany.

Shravan had a role in the movie "Kuch Meetha Ho Jayenge" in which Shah Rukh Khan made a special appearance.  

Aum Prakash Mohapatra

Camera director Aum Prakash Mohapatra, who was working for Shah Rukh Khan some years ago, and me on the set of "Aap Ka Suroor" in Cologne/Germany, April 14, 2007

Aum Prakash is now shooting the movie Tasveer ( 8*10 ), staring Akshay Kumar and Ayesha Takia in Calgary/Canada 

personal letter from Mushtaq Shiekh

Hi Evelyn
as I have been travelling and been too busy to even breathe I have not been able to write. But I can write a small note to them for now so that you can post it from my behalf. Hope it is good enough.

Shiekhspear (Mushtaq Shiekh author of Still reading khan) writes:

Hey Guys warms greetings from Mumbai city...this is your freindly author Mushtaq Shiekh writing in to say a big hello and a extending a big big big warm hug.
Lots of you guys have sent me mails after picking my book STILL READING KHAN. The adulation and love that I have got from readers as been over whelming and yes also humbling.
I am not so much of a computer person so I hardly spend any time on the net. Net is used just to answer mails and exchange greetings. Anyway after Evelyn wrote to me and told me to touch base with all you guys...I thought why not? Seemed like a good idea.
I have been on your forum maybe just for some minutes and poof out of it...(thanks to my bad, very bad internet connection that particular day). But Evelyn was kind enough to send me lot of details about your forum and what you guys do.
I must admit your work is really worthwhile. Your love for Hindi movies and Shah Rukh khan is somewhere going into making a difference...maybe lot of people may not know how you guys are contirbuting now...but in a matter of some time they would know how you folks helped in spreading the word for the magical world called Hindi movies. Keep the rocking work going. Keep the colour and smile of Bollywood alive.
And yes this is a promise that when I am in your country I will certainly meet you guys up. Maybe not in internet space..but alive in flesh and blood.
Love to all.

Mushtaq Shiekh

May 2007

contact me

Important info:

I´m running an own website and archive/forum about Shah Rukh Khan, but I´m not working for Shah Rukh Khan as assistant or in anyother way nor do I have personal contact in anyway to him.

But if you want to know more about me or just want to contact me - than send me an e-mail