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Anupama Chopra is a film critic and book author. She has written about the Hindi film industry since 1993. Her work has been published extensively in India Today, India’s largest English language magazine. She has also written about Bollywood for various international publications such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Variety and Sight & Sound. Currently, Anupama presents and scripts a weekly film review show called Picture This on NDTV, a leading Indian news channel.

Anupama’s last book, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (“The Bravehearted Will Take the Bride”), was published by the British Film Institute in 2002, as part of their Modern Classics Series. Anupama’s first book, Sholay: The Making of a Classic, was published by Penguin-India in 2000. It won the prestigious National Award (given by the President of India) for the Best Book on Cinema.

Anupama has an insider’s knowledge of Bollywood. Her husband Vidhu Vinod Chopra is a leading filmmaker. In 1979, he won an Oscar nomination for his documentary, An Encounter with Faces. Her sister Tanuja Chandra, is one of the few women directors in Bollywood. Her mother, Kamna Chandra, is a scriptwriter and her brother, Vikram Chandra, is an award-winning novelist who has also written Hindi film scripts.

Anupama received an MA in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She received top honors at Medill, winning the Harrington Award for “academic excellence and promise for success in the field of magazine journalism.” She has a BA in English literature from Bombay University. She was awarded the Dwarkanath Purshotham Gold Medal for academic excellence by the university.

Anupama lives in Mumbai and Michigan.


Current book

Shah Rukh Khan is the superstar in the exploding $1.5 billion Bollywood industry. He is also the face of a glittering new India. Shah Rukh is an international phenomenon—he generates Beatlemania-like hysteria around the world, at appearances and performances across the U.S., throughout Europe, and beyond. Now, for the first time, his legendary success story is brought to life in KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

This book reveals how Shah Rukh Khan, a middle-class Muslim boy from Delhi, broke into the insular, nepotistic world of Bombay show business and emerged as a superstar. His larger-than-life tale takes us through the colorful and idiosyncratic Bollywood movie industry, where fantastic dreams and outrageous obsessions share the spotlight with extortion, murder, and corruption.

KING OF BOLLYWOOD is the first comprehensive narrative account of Bollywood published in the U.S., and the story of Shah Rukh Khan’s rise to the top serves as a scintillating introduction to India’s billion dollar film industry. Internationally renowned film critic Anupama Chopra combines her knowledge of the Bollywood industry with firsthand interviews and exclusive photographs for an exclusive, insider’s look at Shah Rukh Khan and the world of Bollywood.

KING OF BOLLYWOOD is a sweeping portrait of a man who is worshipped as a modern-day God, a country finding its identity and a movie industry that helped to change the face of India.

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Book launch in India - 21. Aug. 2007

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'King Of Bollywood' Launch Party - clip

All about her recent book "King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema" - interviews, clips, reviews, pictures...... you will find in an extra section here

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge book

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge ( " The Bravehearted Will Take the Bride " ), universally known as DDLJ, opened to huge popular acclaim in India in 1995. Audiences flocked back to see it again and again. Directed by first-time film-maker Aditya Chopra, it has since become the longest-running film in the history of Indian cinema - and changed the face of Bollywood. DDLJ was one of the earliest contemporary Hinid film to focus on Indian residents abroad (specifically, in this case, London). It's a heady cocktail of European locations, flashy cars, gorgeous mansions - a feast for a newly liberalised nation - and the hearty, rustic traditions of the Punjab. DDLJ has spawned numerous imitations and epitomised popular Indian cinema today.

But, as Anupama Chopra points out, it's a surprising film in that it upholds old-fashioned values of premarital chastity and family authority, affirming the idea that Westernisation need not affect an essential Indian identity.

DDLJ is a far cry from the work of an older generation of film-makers who often spoke against the oppressiveness of tradition, sometimes proposing radical alternatives. Whereas the lovers of a previous generation might attempt to flee from their interfering families, DDLJ's lovers need the approval of their elders.

Having conducted in-depth interviews with the film-makers, Chopra gives the definitive account of a Bollywood phenomenon.  

Sholay book

The book won the National Award for best book on Cinema 2000. It is also the only film book to be featured in Penguin's 10,000 club (all Penguin titles that have sold over 10,000 copies upto March 31, 2003).

Released on 15 August 1975, Sholay ran in theatres for over five years, and altered the course of Indian cinema. Even today, it remains the box office gold standard, a reference point for both the Indian film-going audience and the film industry. For Sholay is not merely a film, it is the ultimate classic, it is myth. The characters - Veeru, Jai, Gabbar, the Thakur, Basanti, Radha, Soorma Bhopali and Sambha - are the stuff of folklore. Even the starring animal, Bhanno the mare, has been immortalized.

In this book, Anupama Chopra tells the fascinating story of how a four-line idea grew to become the greataest blockbuster of Indian cinema. Starting with the tricky process of casting, moving on to the actual filming over two years in a barren, rocky landscape, and finally the first few weeks after the film's release when the audience stayed away and the trade declared it a flop, this is a story as dramatic and entertaining as Sholay itself. With the skill of a consummate storyteller, Anupama Chopra describes Amitabh Bachchan's struggle to convince the Sippys to choose him, an actor with ten flops behind him, over the flamboyant Shatrughan Sinha; the last-minute confusion over dates that led to Danny Dengzongpa's exit from the film, handing the role of Gabbar Singh to Amjad Khan; and the budding romance between Hema Malini and Dharmendra during the shooting that made the spot boys some extra money and almost killed Amitabh.

Illustrated with over sixty colour and black-and-white photographs, this is a must buy for every lover of cinema. 


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