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Many articles in print and online magazines were written about Shah Rukh Khan since he made his first into the world of Hindi Cinema. To list all the articles here would go beyond the scope of this website. But soon we will have an archive in our forum.

Shah Rukh Khan´s life is not only reported in articles but in books too. The first biography about SRK was written 2004 in the book "Hall of Fame", followed by the biography from author Mushtaq Shiekh in 2006 - "Still Reading Khan" (a 400 pages big and 4 kg heavy high quality paper book) and now in the current book from author Anupama Chopra - "King of Bollywood - Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductie World of Indian Cinema", a mix between SRK biography and the insight in Indian Cinema from the beginning until now.

Other books about Hindi Cinema in English and German language have always chapters about Shah Rukh Khan. Magazines and books without mentioning Shah Rukh Khan are rarely exists. So it is easy to understand why he is the "Face of Hindi Cinema" worldwide.