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Mr. Mushtaq Shiekh was so kind to send me a personal letter for my forum and homepage on May 23, 2007

Shiekhspear (Mushtaq Shiekh author of Still reading khan) writes:

Hey Guys warms greetings from Mumbai city...this is your freindly author Mushtaq Shiekh writing in to say a big hello and a extending a big big big warm hug.
Lots of you guys have sent me mails after picking my book STILL READING KHAN. The adulation and love that I have got from readers as been over whelming and yes also humbling.
I am not so much of a computer person so I hardly spend any time on the net. Net is used just to answer mails and exchange greetings. Anyway after Evelyn wrote to me and told me to touch base with all you guys...I thought why not? Seemed like a good idea.
I have been on your forum maybe just for some minutes and poof out of it...(thanks to my bad, very bad internet connection that particular day). But Evelyn was kind enough to send me lot of details about your forum and what you guys do.
I must admit your work is really worthwhile. Your love for Hindi movies and Shah Rukh khan is somewhere going into making a difference...maybe lot of people may not know how you guys are contirbuting now...but in a matter of some time they would know how you folks helped in spreading the word for the magical world called Hindi movies. Keep the rocking work going. Keep the colour and smile of Bollywood alive.
And yes this is a promise that when I am in your country I will certainly meet you guys up. Maybe not in internet space..but alive in flesh and blood.
Love to all.

Mushtaq Shiekh

pictures from "King Khan unveils Mushtaq Sheikh's Still Reading Khan" are in the photogallery "events"