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Shahrukh interested in MCD project

Shahrukh interested in MCD project

4. Jan. 2008

New Delhi (PTI): Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan's company has evinced interest in 'Advertisement Oasis', a Rs 500 crore dream project of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

Khan's company, Dreamz Unlimited, had approached the civic body some time back showing interest in the project -- an advertisement park and launch pad for products by blending technology and Bollywood glitz, a senior MCD official said.

"Khan's company approached us. But we told them to compete in the tender process," the official added.

The park will have virtual screens floating in air, amphi-theatre screening advertisements, shopping arcades and food courts.

The facility will come up in a three-and-half acre plot here.

"It can be used for launching products also and once it is operationalised, we believe it will augment our revenue," the official said.

article source: The Hindu News

Shah Rukh Khan’s dreams unlimited!

Shah Rukh Khan has long been trying to get a piece of land to erect his dream studio in Mumbai but since it has not been happening, he has diverted his attention to hometown, Delhi for other business interests.

He has approached the Delhi Municipal Corporation with a proposal to be part of their upcoming, Rs. 500 crore worth Advertisement Oasis in the capital city.

On condition of anonymity, a Delhi Muncipal Corporation top official revealed to us, “It is true that Shah Rukh Khan’s company, Dreamz Unlimited had approached us many weeks back to be a part of the Advertisement Oasis. But they were told to undergo the formal procedures and submit an official tender. There are many other companies competing for the tender and we are presently in the process of evaluating it. No final decision has been arrived upon as of now.”

Giving details about Advertisement Oasis, the official added, “It will be an advertisement park that shall be used as a launch pad for products by blending technology and Bollywood glamour. The hub shall feature virtual screens floating in air, an amphi-theatre screening advertisements along with shopping arcades and food courts. The plot spread over three and a half acres is being looked upon as a lucrative revenue generating option.”

Dreamz Unlimited officials refused to divulge details about their interest in the Delhi project when contacted. But, an industry insider revealed, “The King Khan is dreaming big. He is presently the most sought after celebrity when it comes to brand endorsements. He is planning to establish his own ad production company’s brand in a big way just like his film production house, Red Chillies Entertainment. He is looking forward to tying up with big multinational corporate giants whose products he endorses for making ad films for them and brand promotions. His interest in the Advertisement Oasis is a part of these future plans."

Abhijit Mhamunkar, Hill Road Media
Tuesday, January 08, 2008

SRK and Juhi - Friends forever

Friends Forever
Zee Premiere January2000
Roshmila Bhattacharya

"We know, like and respect each other too much not to be able to rise over petty disagreements. And on the few occasions when we sense that egos are becoming fragile, we use Aziz who’s a very wise and patient man, as a mediator” – JUHI CHAWLA

“Ever since we turned partners, misunderstandings have become commonplace. But at the end of the day we’re still friends because we’re doing what we always wanted to” – SHAH RUKH KHAN

Juhi and Shah Rukh are best of friends. They share a remarkable rapport. Yet, that Saturday Juhi frowned darkly at her friend when he sauntered in a couple of hours late for the photo-shoot. Shah Rukh’s attempts to coax a smile out of her came to nought as she waived aside all explanations and excuses with icy disdain.

“Dreamz Unlimited was definitely Shah Rukh’s idea. Even the “z” in Dreamz was his brainwave” – JUHI CHAWLA

The battle royale had begun when the busy-as-a-bee Khan tried to wriggle out of the photo-shoot, explaining to Juhi that he was needed for the Mohabbatein shoot at Mehboob studio. Without missing a beat, she replied, “No problem, we’ll schedule the shoot at Bandra so you can hop, skip, and jump into the studio as soon as you’re through.” It was difficult to hire a studio for the shoot at such short notice. But Juhi wouldn’t give up. “Shah Rukh, why don’t we do the shoot at your bungalow?” she suggested innocently. Shah Rukh, gracious as he is, couldn’t say “no”. But fortunately for SRK, who hates mixing business with his private life at home, the shoot was fixed for the following days, at Daboo Ratnani’s studio. “You’d better be there by 11 a.m. sharp because my hairdresser wants to leave by 1.30,” Juhi warned him. Shah Rukh promised her he’d be there on the dot. But as the minutes ticked by and there was no sign of him, Juhi’s temper wore thin and her smiles became strained. When he finally made an appearance just as the hairdresser was getting ready to leave, his “Hi, how’s it going?” was met with a stony silence.
Looking very much the sheepish schoolboy, Shah Rukh hurriedly shrugged out of his T-Shirt and cargo pants and slipped into the hi-fashion chic friend Karan Johar had lined up for him. Their clothes complemented, the colours were well coordinated, but Shah Rukh and Juhi were far from the friendly twosome we’d expected to see.
To begin with, every gesture was more practised than playful, the smiles pleasant but plastic, Juhi’s mood more frightening than friendly. Snubbed by her icy demeanour, Shah Rukh retreated into a shell, emerging once in a while to ask plaintively, “Please tell us what to do!”
Viewing their duel from the sidelines we despaired. Had the dosts turned dushmans for good? “Definitely not,” Shah Rukh reassured. “Ever since we turned partners with Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani such fights and misunderstandings have become commonplace. But at the end of the day we’re still friends because we’re doing what we’d always wanted to.”
Juhi echoed his views, admitting reluctantly that you couldn’t very well fight with your partner. “Besides, we know, like and respect each other too much not to be able to rise over such petty disagreements.” So what do they disagree about besides photo shoots? “Everything,” she laughed. “Our film unit is a very democratic set-up. Everyone involved has the right to speak his mind, everyone’s opinion counts. The other day Javed saab (Javed Akhtar) was complaining that everyone had something to say about his songs. He’s right, there’s so much in-house involvement in every aspect of the film that all of us feel like we’re workers working towards the same goal. Shah Rukh, Aziz and I have never thought of ourselves as producers. Hey, producers are those who have the last word on everything. In our cast, we’re always getting vetoed and voted out. Fortunately, we’re too down-to-earth to resent it. And on the few occasions when we sense that egos are becoming fragile, we turn to Aziz, who’s a very wise and patient man, as a mediator, using him to route our views and root for our cause.”

“Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani is a film we’ve been dreaming of for so long… it has been worth the wait” – SHAH RUKH

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani… Who thought up this tongue twister of a title? “It was a joint production,” Juhi twinkled. “But Dreamz Unlimited was definitely Shah Rukh’s idea. I guess he was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks Production. Even the “z” in Dreamz was his brainwave. And I loved the ‘Unlimited’ part. Of course, Dreamz Unlimited is only a screen name. We had to register the company as Dreamz Limited because you can only have ‘limited’ companies not unlimited ones,” Juhi smiled.
Their “dream” film will be one of the first releases of the year 2000 and perfectionist Shah Rukh admits that he’s 85 per cent satisfied with the way the film has shaped up. “I wish we could have put in 15 per cent more,” he rued. “But I guess I’d say that for all my films. I’m never 100 per cent satisfied.”
Juhi on her part admitted that she had really enjoyed putting together her first production. “I didn’t know much about production when I said yes to Shah Rukh and Aziz, but I’ve learnt a lot since then. I’ve laughed and cried with my two partners and generally had a lot of fun,” she asserted, finally offering Shah Rukh a real smile.
The film was wrapped up on schedule in 10-11 months. However, the producers admitted that they had gone slightly over budget. “But that’s understandable because we didn’t want to compromise on quality. All of us like and believe in good film. Also, this was not a “small” film, the story of one family. It’s a film that spreads and spreads and finally winds up with a huge ending. It’s not easy to execute such big ideas and we had the disadvantage of being first-time producers. We made some misjudgements and had to spend slightly more to correct our mistakes. But it was worth it in the long run. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani is a film we’ve been dreaming of for so long.” Well, dreams do come true even if sometimes they turn old dosts into dushmans for a day.